What is Ceramic Knife

Innovation is what drives everything in these modern times. One just cannot be very simple when there are others who are ahead of them by leaps and bound in terms of product quality and efficiency.

And today, wherever we would turn our heads innovation is there – from large machines to computers to clothes and even to the handy tools in our kitchen. Yes, you got it right! Our kitchen should also be as innovative as possible especially when most of the time, we do the preparation of our food and meals in there.

Well, you can start very easily in adding an innovative touch to your kitchen by means of employing the most advanced and innovative knives available in the market today – CERAMIC KNIFE.

A ceramic knife is a knife made from the tough and very durable ceramic. Most commonly used material for the production of ceramic knives is the zirconium oxide or simply, zirconia. The ceramic knife is produced by dry pressing the zirconium crystals in a process called sintering until the crystals hardens into a solid state.

The resulting product is a very hard blade which is also sharpened by grinding it to a grinding wheel coated with diamond dusts.

Now, what makes it innovative is that zirconia ceramic blades do not rust unlike the steel ones. This ensures that no foreign minerals or materials can mix in with your food. This is very efficient for those individuals who are very keen with cleanliness of their food.

Aside from its rust-free quality, ceramic knives are many times more durable than any of its knife counterparts. In the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, zirconium has a rating of 8.5 higher than the 6 rating of the hardened steel and just lower of the 10 point hardness of the diamond. Approximately, the ceramic knives are harder than our everyday kitchen knives. Because of the material from which the ceramic knives are made from, they seldom need sharpening and tend to stay up to 10 times sharper than hardened steel knives.

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